Claim Numbers

Hurricane Emergency Claim Reporting Numbers

The list of claims reporting numbers below is provided to server our customers in times of emergency .

Please be assured that as soon as we are physically able our offices will be open.

The Northlake Insurance Group.

Please be sure that after you report a claim directly to a company you let us at the office know about the claim at some point so that we can help track the progress of the claim.

Company NamePhone Number
America First1 877 263-7890
CNA1 877 706-0771
Encompass1 800 588-7400
Fidelity Flood1 800 725-9472
Foremost1 800 527-3907
Hanover1 800 628-0250
Kemper1 888 252-2799
Louisian CitizensPlease call our office for the appropriate number.
Occidental1 800 780-8423
Republic1 800 344-2275
Travelers1 800 252-4633
Travelers Flood1 800 505-0193